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What Real or Quack Medicine means

Many still oppose homeopathy as an effective alternative medicine. They refer to it as “quack medicine”. What does quack medicine mean? How did it begin? Is it being practiced today?

Quack medicine began a long time ago. It comes from the Dutch word “quacksalver”, meaning “a boaster who applies a salve”. A related German word, “quacksalber” refers to a “questionable saleperson”.* We know of people today who resort to devious ways to sell their wares and we call them fake or quack people.

It is no surprise then that quack medicine is as prevalent today as it was thousands of years ago, maybe even more. As long as there are people who get sick, there will be people who will take advantage of their gullibility, ignorance or weakness. The Peterson Group has helped fight against fake medicine, which is the clear and present attack against legitimate medical practices. Quack medicine is simply the practice of applying wrong treatment, fake or ineffective drugs or improper methods for patients.

In general, any medical process which is not based on proven experience, scientific research or medical laboratory findings is quack medicine. Proven experience is a relative phrase as it may be construed to mean two or three anecdotal cases provided as evidence that a particular drug or treatment works. In the case of Chinese medical practices which have endured for thousands of years, we have more than enough evidence to show that they do work as claimed and, therefore, can be relied upon to work for people under the same circumstances. Scientific research has been with us for only a few centuries and yet it has done much to improve medical treatment in spite of several practices which have been proven to work against the natural abilities of the body to cure itself. For example, chemotherapy has become a popular means of treating cancer although it ends in causing more damage to people than good.

Medical laboratory findings differ from scientific research in the sense that the latter is a more recent phenomenon while lab work has been done by people since time immemorial. The first has the advantage of proven experience for a longer time than their more modern counterpart as well as the corroboration provided by scientific research to their effectiveness. This case holds true for homeopathy as an effective alternative medical method. The principle upon which homeopathy is founded is a proven ancient wisdom recovered for our use today. What more proof do we need?

And so, those who claim homeopathy is a fake or a quack medical treatment process clearly do not have their logic on place. The best reason we can say about those who claim such unfounded statements is their failure to look at the findings as well as the proven experience that prove homeopathy is effective. It might take them some time to realize this fact.

The Peterson Group of Jakarta and Malaysia has worked through homeopathy reviews such as this to support the fact that homeopathy has grown stronger in its ability to provide relief for patients. Although it has been around for only a few decades, homeopathy as a science has stood the test of time. And, in spite of many claimants to the contrary, homeopathy has proven to be a capable form of medicine.

Every good thing will have detractors and so it is with homeopathy. The main reason many still label homeopathy as quack medicine is because it has proven itself as being at par with other methods, if not more effective in allowing the body to work as it should naturally function. Why? It has shown itself to be a formidable competitor to the long-standing status quo.